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Check out our latest Blog

The Depreciation of Third-Party Cookies in 2024: What Advertisers Need to Know

In the world of digital marketing, cookies have been the “‘sweet treats”‘ that fuel personalized online experiences. But, a massive shift is underway, and the impending phasing out of third-party cookies, a.k.a.: “Cookiepocalypse,” is set to reshape how advertisers approach user data. In this blog, explore the world of cookies, the distinctions between first and […]

Adding Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns Drives 280% Higher iROAS

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns Case Study Adding ASC+ Drives 280% Higher iROAS How We Did It Background A ecommerce client wanted to drive incremental revenue while optimizing cost-effectiveness. Challenge Evaluate the efficacy of Meta’s newly launched Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC+) format on an establish ecommerce Paid Meta program to drive incremental revenue. Chacka’s Solution Create a a […]

Chacka 360°: December Edition

As we wrap up the year, our latest edition of the Chacka 360° Newsletter brings you our top #MarketerMonday trends to watch. Review our quick recap of Google’s Year in Search, YouTube’s dominance among teens, and Google’s expansion in Video Reach Campaigns and more. 1. Google’s Year in Search 2023 Google released their Year in […]

Guide | Meta Creative Best Practices

Guides FREE GUIDE Meta Creative Best Practices Who is it for? Our Meta Creative Best Practices Guide is designed to keep you informed about the latest trends and strategies that are yielding results in the advertising industry. Regardless of whether you rely on an in-house design team, creative collaborators, or handle the design process personally, […]

Chacka’s Forecast for 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Digital Marketing

As we look ahead to 2024, we asked Chacka’s directors provide their insights into the future of digital marketing. From tackling measurement challenges and data privacy issues to navigating economic shifts and embracing revolutionary tech trends, their predictions offer a unique perspective on what lies ahead. These predictions serve as a guide for advertisers aiming […]

Chacka 360°: November Edition

Welcome to the Chacka 360° November 2023 edition. Discover the highlights of the record-breaking 2024 Black Friday weekend, with shoppers making waves in-store and online. Uncover key insights into Google’s upcoming policy changes affecting consumer finance ads, Microsoft Advertising’s new partnership with Baidu Global Keyboard, and the controversy surrounding Google’s ad placements. Find out all […]