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Check out our latest Press Release

Check out our latest Press Release


Champion Home Exteriors Teams Up with Chacka Marketing to Launch Programmatic, Resulting in 90% More Appointments and a 77% Lower CPA


With over six decades of experience and expertise, Champion Windows and Home Exteriors in one of the nation’s leading home improvement companies. Champion transforms homes with premium-quality products that are designed, built, installed, and guaranteed by Champion. Every product the company offers – from new windows and sunrooms, to siding, roofing, and entry doors – is built right here in the USA, backed by industry-leading limited lifetime warranties, and comes recommended by more than 9 out of 10 recent Champion customers.


Champion Home Exteriors was looking for new ways to drive media
effectiveness in order to increase visibility and awareness for the
Champion Home Exteriors brand while maintaining an efficient
cost-per-appointment (CPA) of in-home estimates.


Champion Home Exteriors partnered with Chacka Marketing to launch programmatic display on DoubleClick Bid Manager. Equipped with a deliberate audience strategy set out by Chacka, to maximize premium inventory placements and amplify visibility amongst the home services and home improvement audiences. The main key performance indicator (KPI) was to drive as many appointments possible while meeting the target CPA.

The partnership between Chacka, Google Partners and Champion Home Exteriors has been hugely successful. We have effectively driven more appointments, increased spend & gained insights by adapting and maximizing upon Google’s product suite.

– Simcha Kackley, Director of Marketing, Champion Home Exteriors

Chacka implemented a three-phased strategic audience approach to hit their audience with the right message at the right time:

  • Drive awareness for Champion Home Exteriors
    • Partner with premium publishers to increase brand awareness amongst target audiences and align with premium contextually relevant content
  • Educate Audience of the superior, first class Champion Home Exteriors service
    • Develop custom hyper-segmented audiences based on a combination of multiple data inputs from 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources to reach their exact audience at the right time
  • Drive Appointments
    • Re-message users who have engaged with the Champion brand reminding them to book their next appointment

The audience was composed of Google Audience Solutions (GAS) segments.


After a few months of optimizing towards a CPA goal, Chacka drove more in-home estimate appointments and brand search traffic. Chacka amplified Champion’s visibility on top publishers such as HGTV, Good Housekeeping & House Beautiful.

Comparing Q1 with Q2, the display tactics resulted in 284 more appointments (a 90% increase) at lower CPA (23% more efficient). Furthermore, the actual CPA forecast was exceeded by 77%!

By launching programmatic, brand keyword searches increased by 16% YoY with a 27% increase in brand search conversions and gained audience insights for future activation and optimization across all channels.

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