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Check out our latest Blog

About us

Our interests have always started and ended with one simple concept people


Who are we

Founded in 2009 by longtime digital marketer, Janel Laravie, Chacka Marketing’s secret to success is that it partners with growth-minded clients who have an ambition to get in front of the new methodologies that are constantly emerging in digital media.

“It only makes sense to tap every resource possible to make sure that we all do it successfully, and by employing more daily empathy, the shared experience we’re all going through will be a lot easier.”

What we’ve done

Consequently, as time has gone by and our clients businesses have expanded, our service capabilities have expanded to meet their needs, whether in paid search, social, display, programmatic, creative services or more.
With a headquarters located in Tampa, Florida and a talented team that spans across multiple states, we are sincerely stoked to support global brands who are looking to grow with us. As such, Chacka has embraced a company-wide culture based on a system of core values, and part of that is a strong belief in giving back to the community, whether by donating time, services, or materials. Our interests have always started and ended with one simple concept: people. And in that, we have learned that celebrating even the smallest of victories goes a long way in reaching our goals, as well as those of our clients. Likewise, we have further remained unique to the industry, in that we are an independently owned and operated agency, who is not responsible to answer to shareholders or to a board.
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Social Initiatives

Chacka Marketing has a 12-year history of driving gnarly results for our clients.

We do this by not just focusing on our clients, but by also focusing on our people and the community we live in. Company culture and our constant desire to learn, are just a portion of the core values that we take extremely seriously. Consequently, this constant focus on our employee morale has gained recognition, as we received the 2019 Ad Age Best Place to Work designation.

Our Mission

Audience Centric Digital Agency

An award-winning, audience centric approach to advertising that targets the right person, at the right moment to drive gnarly results.

Our Vision

Audience-First Approach


Remove advertising barriers with an omnichannel, audience-centric approach that places more focus on the user and message


Using a data-enhanced strategy across all channels to ensure audience delivery with layered indicators


Constant evaluation and measurement of overall business goals across full media investment & understanding the trickle-down impact

Technology Identify

Technology Identify & manage audiences across all channels while increasing management efficiency

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