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Check out our latest Blog

B2B Case Study
Disrupting Seasonality in a Competitive Landscape

How We Did It


A leading B2B advertiser wanted to increase the number of purchases during the slowest time of the year.


They wanted to maintain their current acquisition cost to offset seasonal demand for their product.

Chacka's Solution

Our strategy was to increase mid and upper-funnel awareness to enhance lower-funnel engagement. By making our client more discoverable, we would increase the likelihood of businesses purchasing from our client.

The Results


Year-over-year (YoY) lift in purchases.


Decrease in cost-per-acquisition.

Our Learnings

“Through Chacka’s experiment, we were able to deliver on the client’s challenge of growing purchases during the typical seasonal decline. Our targeting approach in social was so effective that lower funnel demand drove growth in the search program, including Google and Bing.”

Sarah Kernan

Director of paid search, chacka marketing

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