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Discover Google’s New Era of Search Ads Query Matching and Brand Controls

Developments in AI are changing how we approach search queries with Google Search. This week, Google announced four significant updates to its Ads platform, specifically designed to enhance query matching and brand controls for advertisers. These AI-driven changes are set to improve ad performance and provide advertisers with greater control over their brand-related traffic.

The Four Updates:

  1. Brand Inclusions in Broad Match:
    • New Recommendations: Enhance brand campaigns with broad match while controlling traffic to selected brands, supported by new recommendations on your Google Ads page.
  2. Brand Exclusions Across All Match Types and Dynamic Search Ads (DSA):
    • Advertisers can now exclude specific brands across all match types and DSA to prevent ads from displaying for undesired brands.
  3. Improved Search Term Reporting:
    • Correct Spellings: Misspelled search queries are reported with correct spellings, increasing visibility of search terms by 9% and improving data accuracy.
  4. Simplified Blocking of Misspelled Searches:
    • Automatic Exclusions: Adding a single negative keyword now blocks all its misspellings, simplifying the process of excluding irrelevant traffic.

Below is an example of the changes as provided by Google Ads:

Impact and Chacka Marketing’s Approach

These updates empower advertisers with enhanced tools to manage ads effectively, offering greater control over brand traffic and improving visibility into search term data. Advertisers can optimize campaigns for better performance, achieving significant results such as Citroën’s 50% increase in conversions and 35% cost reduction through brand inclusions. Google aims to streamline audience targeting while maintaining precise brand visibility in search results.

“We’re leveraging these updates to improve client ad performance. By implementing brand inclusions and exclusions, we can ensure their ads reach qualified audiences, driving higher conversion rates. Our team will continue to refine our approach, leveraging Google’s updates to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.”

-Aubree Rose, Sr. Director of Paid Search, Chacka Marketing

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