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Check out our latest blog

Check out our latest Blog

How to Prepare for a Potential 25% Dip in Search Engine Traffic by 2026

Gartner’s latest report may not have crossed your radar just yet, but you should know what they are predicting and how it could impact the digital industry, particularly search.   Predictions from the Report   The research firm, Gartner is predicting a shift in search engines. By 2026, traditional search engine traffic is forecasted to decline by 25%.  The […]

How Walmart’s Vizio Buyout Could Reshape the Marketing Landscape

Recently, Walmart acquired Vizio for $2.3 billion – which has sent ripples through both the retail and digital marketing worlds. While some may see this as merely a purchase from a TV manufacturer, the reality runs much deeper.   5 Ways this Could Reshape the Landscape  We believe Walmart’s interest lies in leveraging Vizio’s SmartCast Operating […]

B2B: Disrupting Seasonality in a Competitive Landscape

B2B Case Study Disrupting Seasonality in a Competitive Landscape How We Did It Background A leading B2B advertiser wanted to increase the number of purchases during the slowest time of the year. Challenge They wanted to maintain their current acquisition cost to offset seasonal demand for their product. Chacka’s Solution Our strategy was to increase […]

Elevating Success: Chacka Marketing’s 2023 Partner Designations

At Chacka Marketing, we are thrilled to announce that in 2023, we have once again achieved the prestigious status of being a Meta Business Partner and Google Premier Partner. These remarkable milestones solidify our position as one of the leading marketing agencies on a global scale. As a Meta Business Partner and Google Premier Partner, […]

Chacka 360°: August Edition

Welcome to the August edition of the Chacka 360° newsletter. This time around, we’ll unpack TikTok’s game-changing Search Ads Toggle, Google’s shift away from Universal Analytics, and Meta’s intriguing boost for shopping campaigns. Plus, we’ll explore YouTube’s latest engagement experiment and take a look at the big milestone in Connected TV ad spending. 1. Search […]