The Game Changer: Loyalty Benefits on Google Shopping [Total Retail]

Google hosted its annual Google Marketing Live (GML) event in late May, and as is the custom, announced many new advertising and e-commerce innovations. While each has its own potential benefits for retail advertisers, one in particular looks like a game-changer right off the bat. Chacka Marketing’s director of digital media, Marquita Arnold recaps the most […]

Experts Tell All: TikTok’s New Attribution Model

Last week, TikTok introduced TikTok Attribution Manager. This effectively gives marketers the ability to choose a time period to measure campaign success. The Attribution Manager will be accessible for advertisers who run web campaigns using the TikTok Pixel or Events API.  Our Social advertising team shared what the update entails and how it could impact […]

Is there a Deeper Meaning Behind TikTok’s 10-Minute Video Update?

Big changes are coming to TikTok! The company is increasing the max length of videos to 10 minutes. Until now, the max video length sat at three minutes which means it’s now tripling in length. It’s quite a jump considering that the last update was in July of 2021 when TikTok increased the max video […]

3 Easy Ways to Create a Data-Driven Culture

Data is the foundation to making successful decision-making and optimizations for your advertising efforts. Creating a data-driven culture is crucial if you want success for your business in 2022 and beyond. Marketers and advertisers should strongly consider the following three areas to create a data-driven culture if they want to come out on top. The […]

Pinterest Presents Recap: New Shopping Features & Ads

At the Pinterest Presents 2022 Summit on Thursday, the company shared its vision for the year ahead. What were the key takeaways during the event? Pinterest’s vision for building a new type of social platform, personalized shopping suggestions just for you, and in-app shopping. The “New” ROI (Return on Inspiration) Country Manager for the UK and Ireland […]

Sweet Spending Trends for Valentine’s Day 2022

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and is a popular holiday to express your love not just through actions and words of affection, but through gifts. After all, an estimated 53% of Americans plan to celebrate this holiday1. But how much are consumers looking to drop on their loved ones? And where will we see the […]

Google’s Surprising Q4 Earnings Report

Last week, Google’s parent company Alphabet shared some surprising news – big gains in fourth-quarter results. The company shared that it was due to strength in advertiser spend and strong consumer online activity and substantial ongoing revenue growth from Google Cloud. But what stood out? The search ad revenue gains. Taking a Look at the […]