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GA4 Attribution Model Update: What You Need to Know in 1 Minute

Recently, Google announced big changes to its attribution models in Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This update specifically targets the accuracy of conversion credit for paid search campaigns, addressing longstanding misattribution issues. In this article, we will review the update, how it will impact on your account, and how Chacka will monitor the changes.   What is […]

Must-Know AI Advancements from Google Marketing Live 2024

Miss Google Marketing Live 2024? We got you covered! This year’s event was packed with groundbreaking announcements and insights designed to propel your advertising strategies forward. As we explore the key takeaways from this event, you’ll discover how to leverage Google’s latest innovations to stay ahead of the competition. From harnessing the power of AI […]

Accelerate Your Success: The Secrets of Performance Max Campaigns Revealed

Discovering growth opportunities through AI-driven optimization is key if you want success in 2024 & beyond. If you’re seeking solutions, Performance Max (PMax) campaigns might be just what you need. By using machine learning and Smart Bidding, PMax transforms campaign management from manual adjustments to real-time, data-driven optimization. This article will review PMax’s functionality, the […]

How to Prepare for a Potential 25% Dip in Search Engine Traffic by 2026

Gartner’s latest report may not have crossed your radar just yet, but you should know what they are predicting and how it could impact the digital industry, particularly search.   Predictions from the Report   The research firm, Gartner is predicting a shift in search engines. By 2026, traditional search engine traffic is forecasted to decline by 25%.  The […]

How Walmart’s Vizio Buyout Could Reshape the Marketing Landscape

Recently, Walmart acquired Vizio for $2.3 billion – which has sent ripples through both the retail and digital marketing worlds. While some may see this as merely a purchase from a TV manufacturer, the reality runs much deeper.   5 Ways this Could Reshape the Landscape  We believe Walmart’s interest lies in leveraging Vizio’s SmartCast Operating […]

The Depreciation of Third-Party Cookies in 2024: What Advertisers Need to Know

In the world of digital marketing, cookies have been the “‘sweet treats”‘ that fuel personalized online experiences. But, a massive shift is underway, and the impending phasing out of third-party cookies, a.k.a.: “Cookiepocalypse,” is set to reshape how advertisers approach user data. In this blog, explore the world of cookies, the distinctions between first and […]

Chacka 360°: December Edition

As we wrap up the year, our latest edition of the Chacka 360° Newsletter brings you our top #MarketerMonday trends to watch. Review our quick recap of Google’s Year in Search, YouTube’s dominance among teens, and Google’s expansion in Video Reach Campaigns and more. 1. Google’s Year in Search 2023 Google released their Year in […]