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Check out our latest Blog

YouTube Masthead Available Globally

Reach users at a mass scale with Masthead for YouTube – now available globally and with the capability to purchase on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.

Advertisers can leverage advanced audience solutions to tailor fit who views their ads too. The Masthead will still be on a reserved placement on YouTube, meaning there are minimum spend requirements that can vary by country.

Previously, Masthead was only purchased on a cost-per-day (CPD) basis – this option is still available. “With premium placement atop the YouTube Home feed, guaranteed reach and the flexibility of CPM buying, the opportunity to drive impact with the Masthead has never been greater.”

How Chacka Can Help

Now is a great time for businesses to be first to market with YouTube Masthead on CPM basis with advanced audience solutions. Chacka’s experienced team is available to help – simply fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.


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