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Check out our latest Blog

Harness 3 New Reels Features for Max Engagement

Meta has just rolled out some interesting updates that could alter your approach to advertising on the Instagram and Facebook platform(s). Let’s dive right into these developments and explore how they can benefit your brand.

Enhancing Reels for Better Engagement

Reels, with over 200 billion daily plays on Facebook and Instagram, is a marketing goldmine. To make Reels ads more engaging and effective, Meta just introduced:

  1. Collection Ads: Originally on Instagram and now in testing on Facebook, Collection ads let you showcase a primary video or image alongside smaller images, making it easy for users to explore products. We received word from Facebook representative that this will roll out on Oct. 17th.
Collection Ads, Meta

Meta’s introduction of Collection ads for Reels emphasizes an enhanced shopping experience, allowing users to easily explore and learn more about products. This move aligns with their goal to boost engagement and drive conversions through a visually appealing and interactive ad format.

– Maria Aumaitre, Assoc. Director, Paid Media at Chacka Marketing

2. Multi-Destination Reels Carousel Ads: Shoppers want a seamless experience. Meta’s solution? Multi-destination calls to action for Reels carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram. It simplifies the shopping journey and boosts sales for e-commerce brands.

3. Swipe Left Functionality: The “Swipe left” feature on Facebook and Instagram Reels ads converts passive viewers into active shoppers, allowing users to explore and shop.

Swipe Left Functionality for Reels, Meta

Advantage+ Creative for Optimal Performance

Meta found that Reels ads created with Reels-specific creative content outperform others. For direct response campaigns, Reels ad sets with vertical sound on video creative showed a 4.8% lower cost per action, a 5.1% higher click-through rate, and a 2.9% higher conversion rate.

Meta’s Advantage+ creative suite enhances campaigns:

  1. Creative Optimizations: Inside Ads Manager, you can access automatic templates, 3D effects, aspect ratio variance, and enhancements like color filters to optimize your creative automatically.
  2. Music Optimization: Adding the right music or voiceovers can make Reels more engaging. All advertisers on Facebook and Instagram can now source, select, and add music to their single-image Reels ads during campaign creation.

Brand Suitability on Reels & Beyond

Lastly, Meta introduced brand suitability solutions on Facebook and Instagram Reels, including the brand suitability Inventory Filter control and third-party verification through Zefr. Zefr has measured 99% brand-safe content since its launch for Feeds and Reels.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates on the Chacka blog. We’re here to help you make the most of these tools in your Reels ad campaigns. Need help getting started? Contact us today to chat with our team of expects.

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