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Exploring the Future: 5 Advanced Insights from the Meta Performance Marketing Summit – Part II

The Meta Performance Marketing Summit 2023 was held a few weeks ago. Industry leaders and experts shared the latest advancements in digital marketing. Last week, our team shared their insights on the top three takeaways from the annual summit. In part two of this series, we’ve recapped five additional products to keep on your radar that will impact your social advertising strategy over the next year.

1. Advantage Shopping Campaigns for Non-Purchase Events

Advantage Shopping Campaigns (ASC+) has taken center stage as the premier campaign type that Meta released in the last year. That said, it has been restricted to only optimizing towards a purchase event and while this may cover most eCommerce advertisers, plenty of others may have a primary event other than Purchases. We are excited to see ASC+ campaigns that can optimize to additional Events, such as Subscriptions so that other advertisers can take advantage of this technology.

2. AI Targeting via Creative

Meta is transitioning to allowing AI Targeting via the Creative, or ads, rather than advertisers selecting a list of interests. We have seen the advancement of broad targeting in recent years, and this will add a layer of matching the most relevant ads to the users across their platforms.

3. GEO & Age Adjustments for ASC+ Campaigns

ASC+ has been limited in its capabilities to restrict the location targeting to countries and age targeting to the settings of the account. Meta has announced that ASC campaigns will be able to target specific regions as well as custom ages more narrowly. This will allow an additional level of control for advertisers to take advantage of this tremendous campaign type.

4. Carousel Ads in Reels

Reels have been the placement of focus for advertisers through existing ad formats that have been low impact and limited. We are excited to see that Carousel Ads will be supported on Reels as this will allow for more delivery to provide a higher ad impact than what currently is available.

5. Adjustments to Pixel Events and Prioritization

With the launch of Apple App Tracking Transparency, Advertisers have been limited to 8 Conversion Events with a need to prioritize. Looking to the future, Meta is breaking down this restriction to allow for more Events to be tracked as well as removing the need to prioritize these events to receive measurement data.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Meta Performance Marketing Summit 2023 has revealed game-changing advancements that will shape the landscape of social advertising. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to embrace these learnings and incorporate them into your marketing strategy. There is a wealth of potential with Advantage Shopping Campaigns for Non-Purchase Events, AI targeting via creative to deliver personalized ad experiences, expanded capabilities of ASC+ campaigns with GEO and age adjustment, and so much more. By embracing these innovations you’ll position your business for success and drive impactful results.

Need help getting started? Chacka can start incorporating these advancements into your strategies today – contact us now.

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