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Check out our latest Press Release

Check out our latest Press Release


Amwell increases mobile-specific conversions by 382% using Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer (KPO) with Mobile Bid Adjustments, Third-Party Mobile SDK


Amwell is an innovative telehealth provider, connecting patients with doctors online –anytime, anywhere. Using the Amwell app (iOS/Android) or by visiting Amwell.com, patients are now able to meet with doctors from the comfort of their own homes. This
online engagement not only makes seeing a doctor more convenient for patients and their family members, but it significantly reduces healthcare costs. In a recent Harvard Medical School Study, findings revealed that patients can save up to $90 and over 106 minutes by using Amwell, compared to traditional, brick-and-mortar doctor visits.


Scalable growth on both desktop and mobile devices. With over half of Amwell’s PPC traffic coming from mobile devices, Amwell requires strategies and partnerships to efficiently expand their reach leveraging mobile app install campaigns.


Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer (KPO) with Mobile Bid Adjustments, Third-Party Mobile SDK

In order to efficiently expand their reach on search, accurate reporting of in-app events is critical. To this end, Amwell integrated a third-party mobile tracking and analytics SDK which also seamlessly integrates with Kenshoo. Through this integration, Kenshoo could receive postbacks of full-funnel, HIPAA-compliant data metrics from the Amwell app – from ad click to clinical visit. Having access to accurate in-app data within Kenshoo was vital to informing campaign optimizations and driving effective cost reductions at scale.

With the third-party tracking partner sending reliable data to Kenshoo, Amwell is able to leverage the power of KPO to intelligently make mobile bid adjustment decisions on thousands of ad groups on a daily basis, based on deep in-app events. With the KPO managing program bids around an aggressive CPA goal while still balancing performance on a device level, Amwell is able to achieve scalable growth at cost. In addition, by allowing Kenshoo to make these complex daily bidding decisions, it saves program managers many hours of manual labor, which subsequently frees up time for higher value account optimizations.


Overall conversions increased 734%, since the implementation of KPO

​Overall CPA decreased by 36%

Mobile-specific conversions increased 382%, with CPA decreasing by 40%

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