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Defenders Inc. Partners with Chacka Marketing to Transition SEM Program In-House

Defenders Inc. Partners with Chacka Marketing to Transition SEM Program In-House

Originally tasked with relaunching Defenders, Inc.’s paid search programs, Chacka Marketing has since helped develop the advertiser’s expertise to bring management in-house.


Defenders Inc. is one of the largest home security companies in North America, professionally installing security and monitoring systems in homes nationwide. Defenders selected Chacka in 2015 to relaunch its paid search programs and help establish advanced tracking and integrations across systems to tie inbound phone calls back to paid search click activity. Once the program was launched and integrated, efforts began to equip Defenders with the necessary knowledge to bring SEM management in-house.


Defenders sought the most effective way to internalize paid search efforts while retaining historical data, tracking and sophisticated integrations. Often in the digital marketing industry, transitioning programs from one agency or technology to another can lead to intensive relaunches and disruption to the SEM programs. Given the high efficiencies the program was driving; any program disruption was not an option.


Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer (KPO) with Mobile Bid Adjustments, Third-Party Mobile SDK

After a thorough evaluation of paid search platforms, Defenders chose Chacka’s Premium Business Solutions program to directly access Kenshoo, the industry’s most sophisticated bid management automated technology.

“We evaluated a number of SEM solutions, and found Chacka’s Kenshoo Value-Added Reseller program the ideal path for Defenders move in-house. Chacka proved their expertise managing our SEM programs with their full-service team, and have been tremendous partners helping to move the program management in-house.”

– Edmund Mackey, VP Digital Defenders Inc.


After co-developing a methodical transition plan, including a series of 1:1 training sessions, practical application workshops, and a Kenshoo [Pro] certification prep course, the Defenders in-house team began managing programs seamlessly. The ongoing support model ensures close collaboration on the programs and equips in-house teams with strategic and educational assistance, harnessing all of Chacka’s robust capabilities.

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