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Check out our latest Press Release

Check out our latest Press Release


Chacka & The Search Monitor remove competitors from Avery’s branded searches, resulting in lowered CPCs, increased clicks, and a 51% drop in brand campaign coststo be reinvested.


Avery is an industry leader in labels, so much so that their name is synonymous with label products. Although they sell labels, Avery focuses on providing software solutions through their Design and Print Online tool, as well as a one stop Premium Printing Service, WePrint.


Avery’s trademark (TM) was being used by unauthorized advertisers. The presence of the Avery TM was presumably improving the relevance of competitor ads on “Avery” searches, thereby improving the offending competitors’ quality score and ultimately lowering their cost to advertise. This allowed the competitors to be more aggressive, subsequently increasing Avery’s cost-per-click on brand searches.


Through their search engine marketing agency, Chacka Marketing, Avery used the Search Monitor to catch competitors’ use of Avery’s trademark in their ad copy. The monitoring service provided daily reports with the names of the violators, details of their ad copy, time and date of each violation, screenshot, and destination URL.

Equipped with this information, Chacka Marketing leveraged the Search Monitor to routinely file trademark violation notices with Google, Bing and Yahoo. Once the respective channels validated the reported violations, the culpable ads were removed.

Despite these efforts however, one particular competitor (Competitor A) kept showing up week after week in Chacka’s reports. No matter how many times violations were submitted to the engines, Competitor A would appear with new ad copy that featured “Avery” prominently in their headlines.

Armed with a litany of reports from the Search Monitor, Avery issued a Cease and Desist Letter to Competitor A, with which they immediately complied. Their ads have not been in violation of Avery’s trademark since.


Without the boost to their ad relevancy that the word “Avery” was giving them, Competitor A and others could no longer afford to aggressively bid on Avery brand terms. As a result, our Brand CPC decreased by 64%, clicks increased 34%, and cost decreased 51%. The reduction in brand CPCs saved thousands of dollars a year, which are reinvested to drive more awareness, qualified site traffic, and ultimately sales for Avery

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