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6 Important Takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2023

As we reflect on GML2023, it becomes clear that this year marks a significant milestone for AI in the world of digital marketing. The event showcased a clear shift in consumer search behavior and the immense potential for advertisers to leverage Google’s AI products to capture their attention like never before. With yesterday’s announcements as a promising glimpse into the future, it’s truly exciting to imagine what lies ahead in the coming years. Google claims that marketers and advertisers who embrace agility and experimentation consistently witness superior results and we couldn’t agree more. In this article, we will explore the six major announcements from the event and uncover their potential to transform your digital marketing efforts.

1. Search & Performance Max Campaigns: Powered by Generative AI

The introduction of Search and Performance Max campaigns, powered by generative AI, holds vast potential for advertisers. Google stated that “80% of advertisers use at least one AI-powered Search ads product.” By leveraging AI-driven capabilities, you’ll be able to do a lot more! With AI for Search & Performance Max campaigns, we will be able to streamline campaign creation, improve scalability, and achieve exceptional results for clients.

GML 2023, AI-powered Search ads products

Now that we will be able to create generative AI creative assets, this will open up new ways for reaching more audiences and improving campaign performance. The new Asset creation tool will allow us to describe our client’s business and the products/services, unique selling points, and the brand’s personality to produce more relevant ads. Additionally, Google shared that advertisers who leverage AI for Search & Performance Max campaigns (available later this year) should see improved efficiency, more creativity, and more growth with these advanced campaign types.

GML 2023, Performance Max (asset creation)

We will be sharing more updates from this section in the coming weeks as there was a LOT more discussed, including new brand restrictions for broad match, improvements to Smart Bidding and search term insights.

2. Retailer-Focused Innovations

For retailers, GML 2023 brought interesting updates that can boost their marketing efforts. Search Generative Experience (SGE) will roll out to U.S. users soon through the Search Lab (Google’s program for early access). In the coming months, Google will experiment with Search & Shopping ads integrated within the AI-powered snapshot & conversational mode. This includes new formats to leverage generative AI to create high-quality, relevant ads throughout the search journey.

Google Ads Help, Search Generative Experience (SGE) 

The omnichannel and store-centric features introduced for Performance Max campaigns empower retailers to create a seamless shopping experience for customers across platforms. By leveraging these features, advertisers can boost sales, increase brand visibility, and drive customer engagement. The Merchant Center Next experience and Product Studio, powered by generative AI, enable advertisers to easily manage product profitability and create captivating product ads. Product Studio and Merchant Center Next experience will be available to test in July 2023. These innovations provide retailers with the tools they need to captivate their audience and drive measurable business growth.

GML 2023, Product Studio

3. YouTube Campaign Enhancements

YouTube will continue to be a powerful platform for us, and Google’s updates at GML 2023 should enhance advertising capabilities on this channel. Google shared that “80% of viewers agree that YouTube offers the largest variety of video content compared to any other platform.” The expansion of creative assets and optimization tools fueled by Google AI opens new ways for advertisers to captivate their audience and achieve better results. We will now be able to leverage AI-driven insights to optimize our client’s campaigns and enhance their creative strategies. We will be able to generate new video ads in multiple orientations like horizontal, square, or vertical video ads all from existing assets. These sources can be pulled from your other campaigns, product feed, app store listing, and more. We can even add voice-overs to videos using Google’s text-to-speech technology. Additionally, understanding suitability settings and their impact on campaign KPIs will allow us to ensure our client’s ads align with their brand values while resonating with their target audience. We are hopeful that these enhancements will empower our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their YouTube campaigns and drive impactful results.

Google Ads Help,  YouTube creative assets with AI-powered tools

4. Improved Measurement: GA4

Accurate measurement is crucial for optimizing marketing strategies and driving better business outcomes. Google’s updates for Google Analytics 4 introduced at the event provide advertisers with advanced tools to leverage first-party data and gain deeper insights. The easier management of first-party data enables us to enhance audience targeting and personalize client campaigns effectively. By leveraging these innovations, we can make data-driven decisions, refine marketing strategies, and achieve improved ROI. These advancements should seamlessly connect data sources, optimize targeting, and adapt to privacy-driven industry shifts for better marketing outcomes.

5. App Campaigns: Additions & New Products

In the ever-evolving app landscape, Google presented new ways to help consumers shop your app ads, create an easier web-to-app experience for existing app users and improve the measurement of iOS App campaigns. According to Google, “87% of retailers and 82% of eCommerce companies acknowledge that their app users exhibit higher loyalty and lifetime value compared to non-users.” Google has made enhancements to App campaigns. They’re adding promotion assets to highlight the best deals, seasonality adjustments to manage peak user demand, and the ability to add product feeds to App campaigns – which they claim can boost conversions by 11%.

Additionally, a new product, Web to App Connect should give a better ability to provide a frictionless journey for users, increasing conversions, and driving app installations. Also, the improvements in iOS measurement capabilities empower advertisers to gain comprehensive insights into app performance and user behavior, enabling them to refine their campaigns and maximize their app’s potential. We will be able to leverage these features to enhance app experiences, drive stronger ROI, improve user acquisition, and drive sustainable app growth.

Google Ads Help, Web to App Connect

6. New Features in Display & Video 360

In the era of endless privacy shifts, AI-powered optimized targeting will empower advertisers to engage with new converting audiences. Google claims that advertisers who use the new optimized targeting on Google Display ads, on average, drive a “50% increase in conversions on Google Display ads and a staggering 55% improvement when combined with first-party audiences.” Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) will allow us to connect with clients’ first-party audiences while respecting privacy expectations, showing relevant ads, and enhancing campaign performance. The introduction of the Digital & TV Report will give helpful insights into CTV campaigns, while cross-device conversion measurement offers a holistic view of post-ad engagement. These innovations could transform the way we connect with customers and optimize our campaigns, ensuring maximum impact and results. Customers that are eligible in the US can join the beta today – the global launch will be later this year.

Final Thoughts

We believe Google Marketing Live 2023 showcased a significant focus on AI and its potential to revolutionize digital marketing campaigns. Google’s advancements powered by AI and data-driven insights provide advertisers with tremendous opportunities to strengthen campaigns, enhance customer experiences, and drive measurable success in the evolving digital landscape.

The Chacka team looks forward to sharing more about how we are using Google’s newest AI technology to drive success.

To watch the full GML 2023 livestream, watch on the Google Ads YouTube channel.

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