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What you Missed at Google Marketing Live Keynote 2021

Miss the annual Google Marketing Livestream Keynote 2021? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

It is always interesting to watch the introduction video of the keynote. It sums up the last year and Google’s role in what is happening in the world. Unsurprisingly, the recap focused on the shift in search behavior, due to the pandemic. This included searches for fixing bad haircuts, picking up curbside, and showing friends celebrating a virtual New Year’s Eve party. In a year with so much change, Google was eager to show how they have been there for the consumer and advertisers alike this year.

It has been two years since Google hosted the Livestream, as last year was canceled due to the pandemic. While this year’s event was hosted virtually, it was not short on innovations. Below is a quick keynote recap of what has been released this year and what will be coming down the road.

Privacy is a Priority

Jerry Dischler, VP/GM Ads, at Google discussed a ‘Privacy Safe World’. He shared how Google completely revamped their product roadmap in light of the coronavirus pandemic. This came with an update to the custom insights page earlier this year, the addition of curbside pickup for local inventory ads, and booking for services. Jerry also unveiled plans for the expansion of Performance Max campaigns, to be fully released later this year.

Did you know? In the last year, Google saw in their own business:

  • 70k+ custom analyses with Google data
  • 20% more customer emails/calls
  • 10% more customer meetings than a normal year

Did you know? In the last year Google saw:

  • Searches with the words ‘beginners’ grew over 100%
  • Searches for the word ‘invest’ grew over 70%

Privacy continues to be a priority. Jerry reiterated that Google will never sell personal information, never use sensitive info for ads, and never use the content you create and store. Additionally, he stated that the need for privacy needs to be increased. The three ways to transition to a world without cookies are: properly use consented, first-party data, be forward-thinking and predictive, and commit to new technologies that preserve privacy. It’s one thing to transition to a cookie-less world, but how do you preserve the future of measurement? Below, are the three ways that were outlined in the Livestream.

Preserving the future of measurement:

  1. Build your measurement strategy on first-party data
  2. Enable users to make choices about their data
  3. Fill gaps with modeled data

Did you know? The Importance of Responsive Search Ads

The importance of Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) was highlighted. Google shared that RSAs in campaigns that also have broad match and Smart Bidding see an average of 20% more conversions at a similar cost per action.

Ecommerce & Shopping

Google saw a 3000% increase in searches for curbside pickup this year. Shoppers want choices. Due to this demand, Google launched a partnership with Shopify.  This partnership will ensure that more merchants, large and small, can get discovered on Google. Furthermore, ShopPay will be available to all users. What else is in the pipeline?  Deals results. Shoppers will be able to discover the best deals on Google from a singular page that reflects the best price.

To enable shoppers to buy from a business they believe in, like black-owned or female-owned businesses, Google released badges to reflect these traits earlier this year. A pilot that is coming soon: loyalty programs and brand experiences, which allow consumers to better connect with brands they feel represent their interests.

Earlier this year, the Competitive Visibility Report was released. This helps advertisers see how they stack up against competitors and view share of voice against the competition. The Price Competitiveness Report was also launched this year. The report reflects the price differences of your products versus your competitors.

Finally, Google is currently testing all buying options on Google surfaces on the Search and Shopping tab. Later in the year, YouTube and Images will also have this feature. 

Showing Up Authentically

For the final segment of the Livestream, Author, TV host, and former NFL player, Emmanuel Acho had a poignant conversation with Angela Courtin, VP of YouTube Brand Marketing. His book, Uncomfortable Stories with a Black Man, and the events of the George Floyd murder sparked a conversation to help brands show up – authentically.

Emmanual shared that brands should seek to have inspired storytelling but show the totality of a story. There are typically three sides to a story. When trying to tell a story and you are not immersed in it, make sure you have a diverse team around you to be fully engaged. After all, he stated that diversifying the lenses and the height of the story makes it more potent.

They discussed intention and how businesses can use this statement to challenge themselves before making a statement and starting an initiative. Choose significance over success.

This segment was easily the most interesting and thought-provoking portion of the Livestream. It gave the viewer terrific takeaways to apply to their personal life and/or business endeavors.

Final Thoughts

Now that the keynote of the Livestream has concluded, what did we learn? We believe there were three main components to remember:

  1. Privacy is a priority: As we transition to a world without cookies, we must protect the user’s information. The focus should be on building measurement on first-party data. “Most interesting is that as cookie-based tracking deteriorates away to nothing, we are concurrently relying on more automation than ever, yet so many advertisers still are not properly informing the algorithm,” said Aubree Rose, Associate Director of Search at Chacka Marketing.
  2. Meeting eCommerce demands: If the pandemic taught us anything, it is to be ready for the unexpected. Ensure your products and inventory are easily accessible and test new ways to meet customer demand.  Chacka Marketing Coordinator, Christopher Stone shared, “I’m most excited about Google’s partnership with Shopify. Having used this service myself, I can attest to the ease of the checkout process and certainly see why Google reports an almost 100% increase in conversions when using Shop Pay by Shopify!”
  3. Showing up authentically: Try to genuinely connect with your customers and not make a statement without the full picture. Always lead with intention. “I enjoyed hearing Alicia Keys and Kory Marchisotto speak. They exude passion for the consumer and are married to the customer experience. They are curious and driven to constantly learn about their consumers’ evolving needs. It was a perfect example of how a natural passion for customer satisfaction can turn into great outcomes for your business and this message really came through in multiple sessions,” said Ashley Gray, Marketing Coordinator at Chacka Marketing.

While these are just a few of the innovations announced today, there is no doubt we will begin to see more about the products and concepts discussed today. Make sure to check back with the Chacka blog or our Twitter page for more to come!

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