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Responsive search ads (beta) for Microsoft

Save time and show the best performing ad combinations with Responsive Search Ads (RSA). Today, Microsoft announced the RSA open beta is now available for all global customers.

What are RSAs?

Most of us in the search world are familiar with them by this point since Google released its beta in 2018.

RSA’s allow users to input up to 15 headlines and four description lines which leverage machine learning to create the most optimal combination to reach potential customers. Of those multiple variations, Microsoft will test showing up to three of those headlines and two descriptions lines from the bank of pre-created copy.

Create Highly Relevant Ads

Microsoft’s optimization through machine learning should adapt your ad content to match what customers are looking for, and over time, this should improve performance (aka: RSA’s should drive better click-through rates and conversion rates).


It’s important to note that headlines and descriptions can appear in any order and the ad copy should be unique. Also, if there are headlines or descriptions that have extremely relevant information that should always show, it can be ‘pinned,’ but keep in mind, this would limit your ad variation possibilities.

In order to understand how well your ads may perform, an ad strength widget within the UI is available to provide feedback on how to improve the copy (i.e.: add longer headlines).

How Chacka Can Help

If you’d like to leverage RSA’s for Microsoft, our experienced search team can help. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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