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Check out our latest Blog

Seasonality Adjustments for Smart Bidding

If your business anticipates a substantial shift in conversion rates during a specific date or time-period, you now have an additional option to aide in anticipating and reacting to those fluctuations.

Along with Smart Bidding policies, advertisers can now apply seasonality adjustments for search and display campaigns. It’s not just for time periods that are ‘up’ either – advertisers can adjust for ‘down’ days or weeks based on past performance.

But how would this work in a real-life example? Let’s imagine your business has historically seen a 60% increase in conversion rates during Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend.

To ensure you’re hitting your target CPA goal during those peak days, apply a predicted seasonality conversion rate adjustment which Smart Bidding will regulate for during that specified time period.

If you need more help with your seasonality digital strategy, Chacka is here to help. Simply drop us a line.

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