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Facebook’s Political Ad Rules Get a Makeover

Time for political advertisers to pay attention! Facebook is tightening its requirements when it comes to advertising ahead of the 2020 election season. These changes include protecting the election process by ensuring who or what organization is behind the ads are visible and legitimate in the eyes of Facebook.

Updated Disclaimer Stipulations

Starting in mid-September, advertisers must divulge more information about their organization before Facebook reviews and accepts their disclaimer. If the advertiser does not share that info by mid-October, their ads will be paused.

This procedure will also go together with the current process by which advertisers in the U.S. provide a valid I.D. to confirm who they claim they are and where they are located. This will also be tagged with the “Paid for by” disclaimer on their ads. While we know this isn’t a perfect process, Facebook hopes to further legitimize their standards by putting these standards in place.

The five options for identification that Facebook accepts, include the following (outlined by the Facebook blog):

  1. Tax-registered organization identification number (i.e. EIN)
  2. A government website domain that matches an email ending in .gov or .mil
  3. Federal Election Commission (FEC) identification number
  4. Submit an organization name by providing a verifiable phone number, business email, mail-deliverable address and a business website with a domain that matches the email
  5. Provide no organizational information and rely solely on the Page Admin’s legal name on their personal identification document. For this option, the advertiser will not be able to use a registered organization name in disclaimers.

New Icons Shed Additional Light

The “I” icon will disclose who is trying to influence the person viewing the ad and why (including the organization’s EIN or FEC numbers).

But That’s Not All…

The company also outlined a few other looming changes like enhancements to the ad library which tracks ad spending of political candidates, updating their policies for organizations that try to dissuade individuals from voting and sharing additional details about the companies behind a Page.

How Chacka Can Help

Stay tuned for more information regarding political advertising changes ahead of a very busy election cycle! If your business is looking to advertise in an upcoming election, our experienced and ethical team would like to help, please contact us today and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.


Offering Greater Transparency for Social Issue, Electoral or Political Ads in More Countries, Facebook Newsroom

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