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Check out our latest Blog

Three New Objectives for LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn is making it easier to achieve a full-funnel experience to meet your campaign goals. Recently, the company announced three new objectives in the newest version of Campaign Manager:

  1. Brand awareness: Increase share-of-voice for products & services that charge by impression
  2. Website conversions: Optimize for actions on your site (i.e. downloads, sales or registrations)
  3. Job applicants: Create ads to support job applications on LinkedIn or your site

The new campaign experience is available now but that’s not all! LinkedIn is updating their click pricing to only charge advertisers for clicks that go to a landing page.

Additionally, social campaign pricing will be optimized to include all social actions (i.e. likes, shares, etc.).

How Chacka Can Help

If your business would like to increase your share-of-voice or website conversions by leveraging LinkedIn’s campaign manager objectives, our experienced team can help. Simply fill out the contact form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.


Introducing a More Powerful Campaign Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

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