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Chacka 360°: November Edition

Welcome to the Chacka 360° November 2023 edition. Discover the highlights of the record-breaking 2024 Black Friday weekend, with shoppers making waves in-store and online. Uncover key insights into Google’s upcoming policy changes affecting consumer finance ads, Microsoft Advertising’s new partnership with Baidu Global Keyboard, and the controversy surrounding Google’s ad placements. Find out all the latest updates that could impact your business.

1. 2024 Black Friday Weekend Breaks Records

During the Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday period, a record-breaking 200.4 million people shopped online and in stores, surpassing last year’s figure of 196.7 million, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation. Online shoppers increased to 134.2 million, up from 130.2 million last year, while in-store shoppers slightly decreased from 122.7 million in 2022 to 121.4 million this year.

2. Google Implements Stricter Policies on Consumer Finance Ads

Starting February 2024, Google will update its Personalized ads policy, expanding limitations on personalized ads related to consumer financial products and services. The policy, formerly “Credit in personalized ads,” will now be named “Consumer finance in personalized ads.” Advertisers must adhere to the new restrictions, targeting audiences without using sensitive factors like gender, age, parental status, marital status, or ZIP code, with enforcement beginning on February 28, 2024, and a warning issued at least seven days before any account suspension for policy violations.

3. Microsoft Advertising x Baidu Global Keyboard Unite

Microsoft Advertising has announced a partnership with Baidu Global Keyboard to leverage generative AI and offer advertisers opportunities to reach high-value audiences. Advertisers on the Microsoft Advertising platform will be able to engage with new target demographics, particularly in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, with a focus on Gen Z users who commonly use Baidu Global Keyboard. Need help implementing – our team of experts can help.

4. Google Denies Wrongdoing in Controversial Ad Placement Allegations

Google is accused of placing search ads on non-Google websites, potentially harming brand safety, but the company denies the allegations, stating that Adalytics, the report’s publisher, has a history of inaccurate reports. Advertisers are concerned about compromised ad placement, as campaigns intended for Google.com may end up on compromising websites within the Google Search Partner network, including pirated content sites, adult sites, and websites from sanctioned countries. As reported on SearchEngineLand.com, Google has denied any wrongdoing and Chacka has not found any instances with our clients.

*Breaking News: AI a Threat to Humanity says Former Google CEO

At the Axios’ AI+ Summit on Tuesday, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is shared his concern that the existing safeguards in place for artificial intelligence (AI) are not good enough, posing potential dangers to humanity within the next five to ten years. What do you think of his speculations – accurate or overreaction?

Exciting changes are unfolding in the digital arena this month. If you need help with the new consumer finance ads policy discussed, feel free to contact us for personalized guidance. Additionally, we welcome your thoughts on Black Friday or the concerns surrounding AI threats—share your comments on the article below.

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