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Check out our latest Blog

The Power of Partnership: How Chacka Marketing’s Google Premier Status Boosts Your Business in 5 Key Ways

We are pleased to announce that Chacka Marketing has achieved the prestigious 2024 Google Premier Partner status, further solidifying our position as a leading marketing agency on a global scale.

Qualification Criteria

Google Premier Partner status is a recognition reserved for the top 3% of agency performers in the industry. Since the inception of the premier program in 2016, Chacka has consistently met and exceeded the strict criteria required for this accolade. Our qualification for the 2024 status was based on three primary criteria:

  1. Performance: Chacka demonstrated a commitment to excellence by surpassing the 70% optimization score threshold. This achievement signifies our dedication to continuously improving client campaign performance.
  2. Spend: Our agency far exceeded the spending requirement over 90 days in the Google Ads manager account, showcasing our investment in driving impactful advertising strategies for our clients.
  3. Certifications: The Chacka team holds professional accreditation in various areas including Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App. These certifications ensure that our team remains equipped with the latest industry knowledge and best practices.

5 Benefits for Our Clients

Our attainment of Google Premier Partner status unlocks a range of benefits that directly impact our client’s success:

  1. Enhanced Support: Clients can expect elevated levels of account and technical support, ensuring that their campaigns run smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Exclusive Opportunities: Access to exclusive promotional opportunities provides clients with increased visibility and reach across Google platforms.
  3. Early Access to Innovations: Clients will benefit from early access to cutting-edge product betas, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging trends.
  4. Insights and Reporting: Valuable consumer insights and in-depth reports empower clients with actionable data to refine their marketing strategies and drive greater success.
  5. Personalized Service: Clients will receive personalized account support tailored to their unique needs and objectives, ensuring they receive the attention and guidance necessary for success.

“Our clients can anticipate substantial benefits from our Google Premier Partner status. We are committed to leveraging this achievement to deliver even more outstanding results.”

– Aubree Rose, Senior Director of Paid Search at Chacka Marketing

Looking Ahead

Our success is closely linked with the success of our clients. We are excited to continue our journey together, leveraging our Google Premier Partner status to drive growth and excellence in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Want to make your digital marketing campaigns better? Contact us today to get started.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Chacka Marketing team.

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