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Chacka Increases Brick And Mortar’s Site Traffic By 349% Utilizing Waze Local Ads

Chacka Increases Brick And Mortar’s Site Traffic By 349% Utilizing Waze Local Ads


Chacka Marketing and a local brick and mortar business teamed up to deploy an innovative strategy designed to emphasize their business identity and produce a high-quality customer journey. This business connects individuals and families to a wide range of service offerings within the region. Our partnership’s primary aim is to get the word out about their service offerings and increase their overall market share.


The service-based business needed to boost its awareness and drive incremental foot traffic to their locations. In mature crowded markets, competitors are constantly growing and evolving. The way people find desired services rapidly changes as consumers want greater engagement and added convenience. The challenge was to ensure their brand reach connects the consumer’s first touchpoint to an in-person visit. We needed a viable marketing platform that was able to share their message and reach the audience in their consideration stage and at the right moment. Chacka hatched a strategic plan to incorporate a responsive medium that had a real-world impact with the ability to educate and cater to consumer’s needs. 

Solution & Approach

Waze is an app-based mapping and crowd-sourced navigation service developed for smartphones utilizing real-time traffic data. Waze is designed to help improve local driving communities by showing the quickest routes to user’s destinations while actively showing reported accidents, road closures, hazards along the way and even new routes they never even knew about. Chacka identified Waze as a solution to harness an ad format that reaches users real-time and when a driver’s attention is the highest. This platform leveraged the ability to reach people in the micro-moment when they were searching for the Business’ service offering. Chacka created a customized 2-month test designed to maximize visibility for the service-based business. The campaign was executed with 3 distinct formats and the results were unprecedented.

  • Branded Pin – The Business’ logo is shown as its map location pin. It’s utilized for awareness and driving navigations to their locations.
  • Zero-Speed Takeover – Triggered when the driver comes to a complete stop, the Business’ digital billboard appears on the user’s mobile screen to show the consumer that their location is available right around the corner.
  • Search Promotion – The Business’ brand ad unit is shown at the top of the search results when users search for relevant brand and category terms.


Chacka exceeded their volume goal as they had an unprecedented uptick when Waze went live! Year over year, their service page’s traffic increased by a whopping 349%. Waze produced over 3,000 incremental navigations to their locations and their phone call and appointment volume improved by 77%.

By having a clear marketing objective, Chacka was able to deliver a cost-effective campaign that activated moment marketing designed to expand reach and serve a relevant message that connects with the user. The service-based business experienced such an exceptional upswing in volume, that they ultimately decided to double down on their investment. Chacka integrated a tailored Waze media plan within their digital evergreen planning going forward. They are now reaching a whole new highly engaged audience and seeing the actionable results.




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