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Check out our latest Blog

Create Variations & Save Time with Ad Customizers

Create tailored ads at scale with ad customizers. Now available globally in Microsoft Ads, ad customizers allow businesses to assign unique parameters to a singular ad that dynamically populate text, based multiple targeting options within a feed like:

  • time of day
  • location
  • audience lists
  • device
  • search queries and more

Ad customizers can appear in the headlines or description lines of Expanded Text Ads (except the final URL field). Ad customizers are not new – Google released this feature in 2015. Rather than creating all new ads again, users can simply upload their current Google ads with customizers ads via the Google Import tool within the Microsoft UI.

Below is an example of how ad customizers may appear:

Chacka Studio3 Headphones www.chackamarketing.com 20% Off in our Tampa Locations for a Limited Time. Buy Now for Only $50.00!

This ad variation would serve if someone who was located in Tampa searching for “Chacka Studio3” or someone who is searching for “Chacka Studio3 Tampa.” The multiple attributes are pulled from a feed with target locations, price, product and promotion details. If you’re a larger retailer, this makes the ad text variation quite extensive plus, it saves valuable time and resources over creating these ads manually. Another key benefit is that the automatic updates that populate when an ad is shown do not reset the ad’s performance data.

How Chacka Can Help

If you’re interested in learning more about ad customizers for both Google and Microsoft, our search team would be happy to help. Please fill out our contact form and an experienced team member will respond shortly.


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