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Facebook Gives More Insight as to Why an Ad is Shown

Four years ago, Facebook introduced tools like Ad Preferences and “Why am I seeing this ad?”

Over time, the company heard feedback that the information was not clear enough, so they’ve introduced two changes to help users better understand why they are seeing ads.

Ad Preferences

Updates to ad preferences include a clearer view as to the advertisers that uploaded your info and used it to show you an ad within the last seven days. Additionally, it will show businesses that have uploaded and shared your information and who used that list to serve you an ad within the last 90 days.

“Why am I seeing this ad?”

Aside from a couple of reason why you’re being shown a specific ad (i.e. demographic and websites you visited), there will be more detailed targeting information shown (i.e. interests and categories) that matched you with a specific ad. Facebook will also highlight controls to adjust your experience.

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Understand Why You’re Seeing Certain Ads and How You Can Adjust Your Ad Experience, Facebook Newsroom
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