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Check out our latest Blog

Triple Threat: Amazon’s 3 New Sponsored Brands Updates

Amazon Advertising announced three new improvements to Sponsored Brands that will help businesses reach more shoppers. Below is a recap of the original blog post.

1.) Broad Match Feature Update

  • Availability of negative keyword targeting in campaign manager & campaign builder. This includes exact, phrase and broad match types.
  • Broad match to include: plurals, synonyms & related keywords
  • Broad Match Modifiers now available

2.) Mobile Ad Creative Evolves to Dynamic Experiences

  • No longer limited to static image and headline, Amazon will now allow Sponsored Brands’ mobile ad creative to host carousel format that displays a brand logo, headline and product ASINs

3.) Product Optimization Feature

  • Auto select the most relevant ASINs from your landing page or Store to engage shoppers with more relevant ads

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With Amazon’s ad revenues projected to increase by 63.5% and pass the $2 billion mark this year, this growing digital channel is a prime spot to showcase your products. Read our success story on how our experienced team drove 156% revenue growth for Avery fueled by the early adoption of Amazon Advertising and Kenshoo E-Commerce. If you’re interested in learning more about how to take advantage of these new Amazon features, fill out our contact form today and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.


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3 New Sponsored Brands improvements, Amazon Advertising
156% YoY Revenue Growth for Avery Fueled by the Early Adoption of Amazon Marketing Services & Kenshoo E-Commerce, Chacka Marketing
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