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Experts Tell All: TikTok’s New Attribution Model

Last week, TikTok introduced TikTok Attribution Manager. This effectively gives marketers the ability to choose a time period to measure campaign success. The Attribution Manager will be accessible for advertisers who run web campaigns using the TikTok Pixel or Events API.  Our Social advertising team shared what the update entails and how it could impact measuring your digital efforts.

What you Need to Know

It is important to note that the default TikTok Pixel and Web Event API will default to a 7-day click and 1-day view. Per the TikTok announcement, “this means that for ad clicks, users have off to 7 days to convert for it to be shown in TikTok Ads Manager; similarly, for views, users have 24 hours to convert from the time when the ad is viewed.”

Because advertisers have unique goals, TikTok is providing several options to choose from:

  1. Click-through (CTA): 1, 7, 14, 28-day
  2. View-through (VTA): off, 1 and 7-day
TikTok Attribution Manager, TikTok

How Can This TikTok Release Measure Digital Efforts Easier?

This puts TikTok in line with the industry standard of being able to measure the post-click and post-view impact of their digital efforts. As digital, and especially video mediums like TikTok, it is important for advertisers to consider its role in measuring conversions. Additionally, it provides advertisers a resource to reduce the oversized impact of latent conversions.” For example, advertisers may want to weigh recency or interaction to a greater extent (see below).”

Shane Ragiel, Sr. Director of Strategy at Chacka Marketing

  • If a user saw an ad from you 7-days ago and converted vs. a user who saw an ad only 1-day ago
  • (Or), If an advertiser is on several channels, they may want to provide only a % of post-view conversions to their digital channels

Ragiel explained, “Overall, this will help to provide more transparency to advertisers as they look to allocate their dollars and measure overall impact.”

How to Decide Which Attribution Model is Right for your Business

Depending on the services or goods that an advertiser is promoting, it can have significant impacts on the main actions they wish to trigger.

  • Retail brands that run seasonal sales promotion campaigns may benefit from the attribution model that allows for a shorter consideration cycle. The 7-day click and 1-day view attribution window would ideally be a better fit.
  • Advertisers that have higher purchase price points and services that entail a longer research consideration need to be strategic when choosing the right attribution model. Chacka (and TikTok) recommend an attribution window beyond 7 days for click-through conversions and beyond 1 day for view-through conversions. This will help your business gain a more comprehensive understanding of your campaign’s efficacy and customer actions over time.

Are there other Important Considerations?

“An important point to consider is that businesses will likely continue to see discrepancies with in-platform attributed conversions vs. 3rd party tracking conversions; therefore, how a business looks at the data is dependent on their multi-touch attribution model. For example, TikTok in-app browsers (opening a webpage within TikTok’s in-app browser), sometimes blocks Google Analytics or another 3rd party tracking. TikTok ads only report on TikTok data, while Google Analytics and other 3rd party tracking tools report cross-channel, so keep this in mind when thinking about attributed conversions across channels.”

Maria Aumaiture, Associate Director of Digital Media at Chacka Marketing

Getting Started on TikTok

Now is the perfect time to start advertising on TikTok. With these new attribution models, your business will be able to better measure ad response, as well as understand and optimize your TikTok ads. Do you want to learn more about the value of TikTok advertising and how to reach your key audience? Contact us today to chat with our team of experts!

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