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Generate Leads Directly from Your Ads

Recently, Google Ads announced a new feature that will make it easier to get leads from a variety of Google properties. Here’s a quick recap of what they are and how you can leverage these new features to find leads.

Expansion of Lead Extensions

Google research from March showed that one in three shoppers would rather buy from a company that provides a wide range of ways to reach them—like web forms and calls.  Until now, Lead Extensions were only available for search ads, but now advertisers can use them with Discovery ads, YouTube and Display later this year. This is particularly appealing because businesses are now be able to reach more users across a variety of Google properties as they search, discover and while they are watching relevant content.

Why Use Lead Extensions?

There are three qualities that make Lead Extensions and attractive feature for businesses:

  1. They are a great way to connect with your leads quickly while offering measurement solutions that optimize for lead value
  2. It allows your business to attain important lead information through a form without ever directing the user to your website
  3. Users that are already signed-in to Google will have pre-filled forms making the form process more efficient

How to Make Them Work Successfully

The biggest challenge with Lead Extensions is figuring out what to do with the user information obtained from the lead forms. We notice most companies do not know what to do with that data once it is received. Google offers a webhook option to pair with the businesses CRM. It is advantageous to see if your business can integrate this data with providers like Salesforce or Hubspot. In the meantime, I suggest exploring a short-term option of manually uploading the list while you test it to see if it has any traction. It is prudent to test how you reach out to these leads and turn them into customers.

The second challenge with Lead Extensions is to expect initially these leads will be lower quality because of the potential to auto-populate information. Again, your business and agency need a plan on how to turn those leads into customers. Once you set that plan in action, success should start to follow.

With any new feature, Chacka tests the efficacy of the product and how it will impact our client’s digital strategy. When thinking of leveraging Lead Extensions, I’d emphasize while it’s great to increase lead volume, you want quality leads above all else. The results will tell the full story as the product evolves into new Google properties.”

Aubree Rose, Chacka Associate Director of Paid Search

If you’re looking for help with lead generation, our team would love to discuss how we can assist your business. Fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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