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The Latest on TikTok: Sunday’s Sale Deadline & How to Advertise Effectively

Microsoft’s bid for TikTok fell through and reports suggest Oracle will be the U.S. tech partner. But will the deal happen before this Sunday’s deadline?

The Details of the Deal

September 20th is the sale deadline.

After a deal fell through with Microsoft, TikTok appears to be partnering with tech partner, Oracle. This Sunday, September 20th marks the looming sale deadline that the U.S. government imposed. Concerns over the social video-sharing app’s lack of privacy and data security raised flags with the White House and U.S. officials. First, the White House and Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. must give the sign-off to make the deal official.

Oracle’s role in the partnership is to provide cloud infrastructure and show that the safety and security measures for its users are met. Earlier last month, Microsoft was in talks to purchase TikTok in several countries, including the U.S., however, the deal never came to fruition.

TikTok’s Advertising Advantages

An infographic of top social apps

TikTok’s advertising capabilities are relatively new to the social advertising world. Businesses can purchase ads that will show to users scrolling videos display within the app itself. TikTok can help your brand increase website visits, app installs, and online sales. Being that it is the sixth-largest social network and the most downloaded app of 2020, it’s an ideal time to invest in this emerging platform while digital inventory is low. Additionally, a whopping 69% of the app’s user base falls between the ages of 13-24 years old. If your target customer is within that range group, this is a particularly appealing social app to leverage for your paid digital efforts.

Chacka became an early adopter to TikTok because we were looking for growth opportunities for clients seeking efficient engagement rates at an affordable cost – and our early findings have seen lower CPCs and better engagement with these ads. Additionally, because Chacka is a TikTok marketing partner, there is a low barrier entry to launch clients on the platform.

The number one rule with creating ads for TikTok is to make it feel as native as possible. I like to say make a TikTok, not an ad and you’ll find your entryway to success.”

Shane Ragiel, Chacka Senior Director of Digital Strategy

Targeting capabilities are based on basic age cohorts and gender demographics. Because TikTok is a content platform (unlike Facebook), it provides several targeting options that stand out. Interest categories and behavioral categories look at interactions you have with content with the platform in the last 7-14 days.

If you’re interested in advertising on TikTok, fill out of contact form below and we’ll be in touch soon!

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