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Google Ads Removing Accelerated Delivery

[Updated 9/12/19] Google Ads has postponed the removing of accelerated delivery until October 7, 2019.

The Changes Ahead

Beginning September 17th, standard delivery will take over as the only option available for Search and Shopping campaigns (and campaigns with shared budgets). Moving forward, accelerated delivery will not be offered. Starting October 1st, all campaigns that are currently set to accelerated will be automatically switched to standard delivery.


Ad delivery helps determine how much your budget will spend during a given day. Google Ads claims that accelerated delivery is not the best choice for campaigns limited by budget because it may cause increased CPCs or unintentional spend in earlier time zones. Google says, “Standard delivery takes into account expected ad performance throughout the day and is better at maximizing performance within your daily budget.”

Making Sense of the Change

“Google is forcing our hand to adapt to the standard delivery method. One can assume the reasoning behind the switch is due to a of couple factors”, said Chacka Senior Digital Media Director, Monika Doyle:

  1. It’s not about appearing at all times and as quickly as possible; it’s about maximizing your spend by targeting the right person at the right moment
  2. Google is adopting more automation with its product suite. Smart Bidding uses advanced machine learning to spend your budget efficiently while still reaching your goals. Google suggests if your goal is to maximize performance, to leverage maximize conversions or maximize clicks bidding strategies.

How Chacka Can Help

Doyle further explained “Chacka’s search team will be keeping an eye on impression share and the impact it could have on an account. Additionally, the team will be reviewing dayparting to understand how performance will change after the switch.” If your business would like our experienced team to assess your search account, fill out our contact form for a free audit. Stay tuned for further updates on Google’s ad delivery changes.


Search and Shopping campaigns will now be using improved Standard delivery, Google Ads Help

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