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Easy Tips for a Successful Holiday Marketing Season

While we are still in the summer months, it is always good to look ahead and begin planning for the holidays. This year, things will not be on a scale that marketers and consumers are accustomed to though. Due to the pandemic, businesses have been forced to find new ways to connect with their current customers and win over new ones in ways they never imaged. So that leaves the question, what are the best tips for a successful holiday season amid something we have never experienced before?

Find new ways to reach customers 

It is still important to drive product discovery but also invest in building a brand story. The three ‘A’s’ as I call them, are: 

  • Affordability: Ad prices are generally more costly during this time of year so invest in channels you know have historically worked or have a good ROI 
  • Authenticity: Be genuine in your promotional content and messaging. Make sure you stay on ‘brand’ when conveying your core business values or causes you support while trying to win over customers 
  • Action: Use timely or urgent messaging to drive action and take advantage of unique ad types or ad extensions that make your brand pop-out among the competition  

The long and short is to drive the most authentic message home on a channel(s) you know will have strong ROI. 

Follow the Trends 

There are a few growing trends that began to emerge at the beginning of this year and during the pandemic that are essential to keep in mind for your holiday planning. First, more individuals are spending time on mobile devices now more than ever. In fact, the baby boomer generation has embraced digital shopping in numbers larger than we’ve ever seen before. BOPIS (buy online and pick-up in store) has become the new ‘norm’ for ecommerce and retail brands. A recent study revealed that during the entire period between March 16 and June 11, BOPIS orders rose 367.2%.

Whether it be curbside or a socially distant “touchless” delivery of goods, the future of buying is changing, so make sure you are making it as easy as possible for your customers to get access to products.

– Julius Vaughn, Chacka Social Media Coordinator

By following these easy tips, you can position your business to thrive this holiday season. Ensure you’re partnering with a digital agency that can help with creative services like helping craft a holiday gift guide, promoting ads on multiple social platforms, or gauging the navigability of your website for performance.

Chacka is here to make this the merriest holiday season for your business yet. Make sure to fill out the form below if you need help with your holiday strategy. 

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