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Paid Search is Retail’s Fastest-Growing Ad Format

A recent report revealed that paid search is the quickest-growing ad format.

eMarketer shared,“retail advertisers in the US will spend $13.12 billion on search in 2019, a 22.5% increase from last year. In 2020, they will spend $15.65 billion on search.”

While Google is the go-to platform for many advertisers to showcase their products (shopping ads/product listing ads), increasingly smaller & medium-sized businesses are turning to Amazon as a second alternative. Last year, product searches on Amazon surpassed Google, according to a survey conducted by marketing analytics firm Jumpshot.

eMarketer estimates:

  • This year, 46.3% of retail digital ad dollars will be spent on search
  • In 2020, 47.3% of total retail digital ad spending will be spent on search

How Can Chacka Help?

With Amazon’s over 100 million paid members across the globe, E-Commerce retailers have a unique advantage to get in front of these highly engaged shoppers and drive sales on this growing platform.

Chacka’s experienced team was one of the first agencies to pilot Amazon Advertising and provided feedback to shape the Kenshoo E-Commerce tool. If you’d like to get started, simply fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.


Search is Retail’s Fastest-Growing Ad Format, eMarketer

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