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YouTube Is Rolling Out New Metrics – Here’s Why

Frequency reporting for YouTube campaigns and ads is about to become easier. Yesterday, Google introduced three new metrics: frequency distribution, weekly average frequency, and monthly average frequency. 

Cross-Functional Tactics

Why is this update of particular interest? First, frequency is an important piece of the larger advertising picture. It helps you choose how often people are seeing your ads and the distribution of the ads.

Second, and more importantly, agencies that offer cross-channel services (search, social, and programmatic) are equipped to handle the ever-blending tactics we are seeing from this enhanced product release.

If your brand is working with a strictly-search agency, you would not necessarily understand these types of insights. One of the reasons we are enthusiastic about YouTube’s frequency update is because we know the value it holds. Anything that can impact our client’s brand awareness and engagement is something we keep on our radar. This will fit in the larger picture of cross-functional analysis.”
– Sarah Kernan, Chacka Associate Director of Paid Search

What are the metrics?

Too little frequency can kill your campaign and too much frequency can sour customers. That is why the frequency metrics will give you a better understanding of your video campaigns. Here’s what the new reporting metrics will reflect:

  1. Frequency distribution: Shows how many people saw your ads a certain number of times over a particular date range
    1. There are six buckets: 1+ frequency (equivalent to unique reach), 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+ and 10+
  2. Weekly average frequency: Understand how your weekly average frequency performance changes over a lookback window of 7 days for reach during a given date range
  3. Monthly average frequency: See how your weekly average frequency performance changes over a lookback window of 30 days for reach during a given date range

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