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Chacka Marketing Drives Mobile App Downloads for Innovative Telehealth Provider with Apple Search Ads

Chacka Marketing Drives Mobile App Downloads for Innovative Telehealth Provider with Apple Search Ads


Chacka client partner, an innovative telehealth provider, focuses on improving consumer access to more affordable and transparent healthcare using mobile and web technology. Promoting the app became their top priority, which sought to drive increased awareness and downloads of its mobile app among new customers and improve consumer access to healthcare providers by enabling patients to more easily connect with their doctors anywhere, anytime.


In order to capitalize on the new Apple Search Ads platform and more effectively promote the telehealth iOS app, Chacka and the telehealth provider sought to: 

  • Get a jump on the competition by being among the first-to-market with Search Ads in the healthcare category 
  • Drive downloads of their iOS app
  • Take advantage of the open inventory available at an inexpensive cost per transaction (CPT), before inevitably begin to climb
  • Increase interest and improve tap through rates (TTR) on telehealth app Search Ads

Who was the target audience?

The telehealth provider’s mobile app connects consumers to board-certified doctors 24 hours-a-day using secured, high-quality streaming video on a phone or tablet. With this campaign, Chacka’s client partner aimed to reach consumers looking to improve access to their healthcare providers using mobile technology, specifically new iOS customers searching the Apple App store for health-related app discovery. Apple ads cater to a different discovery mindset, enabling Chacka and the telehealth provider to target consumers looking for very specific functionality in healthcare apps (searching for and meeting with doctors, filling prescriptions and more) while also targeting consumers searching for broad terms like health and wellness, preventative medicine, broad practice areas, etc. The telehealth provider targeted very specific long-tail search terms to reach the first (cost-effective keywords, etc.) and broader more expensive short-tail keywords to reach more consumers.


Chacka seized the opportunity to drive cost-effective app downloads, leveraging the new Search Ads offering to promote the telehealth iOS app by:

  • Taking advantage of the lack of competition in the category of medical apps to boost performance
  • Breaking out keywords in various categories related to inventory for added volume, using the Search Ads keyword suggestion tool which enabled Chacka to determine popularity indicators and negative keywords to effectively reach more customers
  • Successfully applying cross-channel insights learned in paid search/Google and social/Facebook to tactics within Apple Search Ads
  • Leveraging audience targeting features including customer type, gender, age and location to more effectively position the telehealth provider Search Ads in relevant search results using hyper-targeted ad copy, promotional offers and more to connect with customers in the right moment to drive app downloads’.


Chacka and the telehealth provider had been successfully running profitable Google Play app install ad campaigns and eagerly pursued Apple’s new Search Ads as a priority to build on that success, expecting similar or better results, but outcomes have shattered expectations. During the four-week campaign, our client partner achieved the following results (Apple Search Ads vs. Google iOS app install ads):

  • 366% more downloads
  • 83% lower cost per click/transaction
  • 420% higher click/tap through rate
  • 89% lower cost per acquisition

Apple Search Ads achieved 1400% more clicks and 1500% more downloads than Google app installs.

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