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Say Goodbye to Facebook’s 28-Day Attribution Window

Facebook has revealed that for some advertisers, they will be removing the 28-day attribution window option very soon.

Understanding the New Attribution Model

It is not unlike Facebook to throw an unexpected curveball in the retail Q4 period. Chacka is prepared to set advertisers up for success so we can best understand the impact on programs and provide any resources to communicate this change. So, what exactly is changing and why?

Instead of a 28-day attribution window, Facebook will now make the longest remaining attribution window only seven-days. This change will be taking place on October 12. Advertisers that will be affected will be notified via their Facebook representative or receive correspondence directly from Facebook notifying that their account will be impacted.

Facebook announced this change was because “upcoming digital privacy initiatives affecting multiple browsers will limit a business’s ability to measure people’s interactions across domains and devices. Among those limitations is the ability for businesses to attribute conversion events back to an ad over longer attribution windows.”

We can assume the upcoming privacy initiatives mentioned in their official quote is most likely because of Chrome’s plan to limit third-party cookies over the next two years. This is their way to make accounts more “resilient” to those changes.

Preparing for a Successful Change Ahead

Ahead of this shift, we are working with Facebook to better understand the change, how it will impact our advertisers, and understanding any changes to the platform. We suggest pulling standard reports with the updated default attribution window to compare and note the impact to the conversion window for months ahead. Additionally, if there are any rules that currently rely on the 28-day model, this should be adjusted ahead of time to prevent any spending or budget fluctuations.  

It is important to clarify that this will not change the conversion volume driven by the channel, only the conversion volume to attribute with your Facebook Pixel.
– Shane Ragiel, Senior Director of Strategy, Chacka Marketing

Need any help understanding the change further or with your social strategy? Our experienced social team can assist – fill out the contact form below to chat with us.

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