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How to Respond to Coronavirus with Digital Advertising

The world is currently under a pandemic, and many companies have opted to work remotely to limit human interaction. Similarly, we have a duty in advertising to adapt to these changes as well.

As advertisers, we must respond quickly and continue to optimize for the best results for our partners.

For one partner in particular, the standard objective of driving subscriptions to their content was beginning to trend poorly and the type of content users typically engaged in was seeing dramatic shifts. Our teams collaborated and decided we must change gears on our short-term objectives. With the impacts of COVID-19 in mind, we altered our approach and began to run more branded content to build awareness to business professionals working in these conditions. Although maintaining business objectives is important, as a provider of knowledge, our partner recognized their social responsibility to make content accessible that will help people adjust to this new lifestyle. When the heat of the Coronavirus is over, we will once again revisit the subscriptions initiative; but for the time being, we will focus on other tactics to drive users to more meaningful, helpful content.

Target a broader audience, while still engaging our current subscribers with articles that highlight the benefits of working remotely and give useful tips on how to effectively build morale for their teams during this pandemic. We also quickly adapted new creative to align with this modified objective and audience. 

Our duty as digital marketers is always to deliver the right message, to the right person, at just the right time. Right now, that means shifts in what people want. Part of our responsibility and strategy is education, but now the education piece is much more important. This is our opportunity to look at brand awareness that has a positive impact on our audience and our partners’ businesses long-term. 

“With the Coronavirus pandemic we are not anticipating that people will convert immediately because users are more likely to buy necessities and not a subscription; however, the long term benefit is to establish our partner as a credible source of knowledge in an ever changing landscape”
-Shane Ragiel, Sr. Director of Strategy at Chacka

Using broader audiences, we have been able to promote our content with cheaper CPCs and spread awareness to immediate and potential future subscribers.  We are also building a new audience that we can reengage with in the future. As the knowledge, we have of COVID-19 is ever-changing, so is our strategy. Communication and ongoing partnership are paramount to how we will shift and pivot our marketing strategy in the weeks or months to come.

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